Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is a classic platformer game developed and published by Nintendo. Released in 1985, it is one of the most iconic and beloved video games of all time. The game features the adventures of Mario, a plumber in the Mushroom Kingdom, as he embarks on a quest to rescue Princess Peach from the evil King Koopa (also known as Bowser) and save the kingdom from his tyranny. The main objective of Super Mario Bros is to navigate through various levels, overcoming obstacles, defeating enemies, and collecting power-ups and coins, to reach the end of each level and ultimately rescue Princess Peach from Bowser's castle. The game is divided into multiple worlds, each consisting of several levels, and culminates in a final showdown with Bowser to save Princess Peach and restore peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.

How To Play

Super Mario Bros is a side-scrolling platformer with a mix of action, adventure, and puzzle-solving elements. Players control Mario, who can run, jump, and defeat enemies by stomping on them or using power-ups. Mario must navigate through various levels filled with obstacles, platforms, and enemies, while collecting power-ups like mushrooms, fire flowers, and stars, to gain abilities and defeat tougher enemies.

The game also features hidden secrets, warp zones, and bonus areas that players can discover to gain extra lives, power-ups, and shortcuts. Players must also collect coins scattered throughout the levels, which can be used to gain extra lives and unlock secret areas.

Super Mario Bros also features multiplayer mode, where players can take turns playing as Mario or Luigi, Mario's brother, in a cooperative or competitive gameplay experience.


The rules of Super Mario Bros are relatively simple. Players control Mario (or Luigi in multiplayer mode) and must navigate through levels, avoiding obstacles and defeating enemies, to reach the end goal and rescue Princess Peach. Mario has a health meter represented by his life, and he loses a life if he touches an enemy, falls into a bottomless pit, or runs out of time.

Players can collect power-ups like mushrooms, fire flowers, and stars to gain special abilities and defeat enemies. Mario can also collect coins to gain extra lives and unlock secret areas. The game features a limited number of lives, and if all lives are lost, the game is over, and players must restart from the beginning or the last checkpoint reached.

Tips and Tricks

  • Master Mario's moves: Understanding Mario's controls and moves is crucial to navigating through the levels efficiently. Practice Mario's running, jumping, and stomping abilities to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, and reach higher platforms.
  • Use power-ups strategically: Power-ups like mushrooms, fire flowers, and stars can greatly enhance Mario's abilities. Use them strategically to defeat tough enemies or overcome challenging obstacles.
  • Explore for secrets: Super Mario Bros is known for its hidden secrets, warp zones, and bonus areas. Take the time to explore each level thoroughly, try hitting blocks, jumping on suspicious platforms, or searching for hidden passages to uncover valuable power-ups, coins, and shortcuts.
  • Pay attention to patterns: Enemies and obstacles in Super Mario Bros follow certain patterns. Observe and memorize their movements to plan your actions accordingly and avoid unnecessary damage or mistakes.
  • Time your jumps: Timing is crucial in Super Mario Bros. Practice timing your jumps to perfection to clear gaps, avoid enemies, and reach hidden platforms.
  • Collect coins: Coins not only give you points, but also provide extra lives when you collect 100 of them. Be sure to grab as many coins as you can to increase your chances of survival.
  • Memorize level layouts: As you play through the game, try to memorize the layout of each level. Knowing where enemies, obstacles, and power-ups are located can give you an advantage and help you plan your strategy.
  • Be cautious with power-ups: While power-ups can be beneficial, be careful not to lose them too quickly. Avoid unnecessary risks that could result in losing your power-up, especially if you're in a tough part of the level.

Super Mario Bros can be challenging, and it may take several attempts to complete a level or defeat a tough enemy. Be patient, keep practicing, and never give up. With practice and perseverance, you can improve your skills and progress further in the game.

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